maybe this will be a book someday #2

And as I was about to cry again, she raised her voice.

“Don’t you dare.”

Lifting my head from my hands, I pouted a little and bit my bottom lip in hopes of keeping my feelings in… As if there were any left.

“You were not made with deep blue eyes and perfect blonde hair, by freaking God, simply to breakdown because of some normal boy.” Her eyes seemed a lot darker than what they really were; you couldn’t even tell she had hazel eyes in that moment. Maybe it was the lightning. Or maybe, just maybe, she was extremely pissed at me.

“You really want to hurt him the way he hurt you?”

I clenched my jaw as she leaned towards me.

“Rise again.”


you couldn’t even tell she had been hurt

and without any warning, the ice queen was finally back. after all the tears, the disappointments and the loneliness, she was finally back. she was ready to burn down the whole city. and she was going to destroy everything and everyone with a smile.