the end

this is how it ends;

you let mother nature

crawl underneath your skin

and drag you to

your final destination,

you stop caring about

what might be next

and only hope

that it all goes well.

this is how it ends;

you close your eyes

and hope that

somewhere along

the lines

you might find the way

back to the start.

this is how it ends;

you inhale one last time

and you stop listening to

the old brag of your heart.


she’s got fire in her veins

and this one

goes out to her;

to the girl

with the blurry sight

and the lungs filled with smoke;

to the one who keeps walking

through the endless fire

that means to exist

and to live;

to the one who’s still

trying to understand

what it means to be

made of stars

and to carry

a constellation in your heart.