maybe this will be a book someday #2

And as I was about to cry again, she raised her voice.

“Don’t you dare.”

Lifting my head from my hands, I pouted a little and bit my bottom lip in hopes of keeping my feelings in… As if there were any left.

“You were not made with deep blue eyes and perfect blonde hair, by freaking God, simply to breakdown because of some normal boy.” Her eyes seemed a lot darker than what they really were; you couldn’t even tell she had hazel eyes in that moment. Maybe it was the lightning. Or maybe, just maybe, she was extremely pissed at me.

“You really want to hurt him the way he hurt you?”

I clenched my jaw as she leaned towards me.

“Rise again.”


you couldn’t even tell she had been hurt

and without any warning, the ice queen was finally back. after all the tears, the disappointments and the loneliness, she was finally back. she was ready to burn down the whole city. and she was going to destroy everything and everyone with a smile.

maybe one day you’ll learn what respect is

i got fire in my thoughts

and gasoline in

the tip of my tongue,

so believe me when i say

my anger and my words

will make your soul shake,

if you dare to forget who i am

and decide to walk over

my iron bones.

sometimes, i can’t predict the explosion.

and when it comes to you,

i certainly don’t intend to stop it.

i’m not as soft as the silk that covers my bare skin,

and after this, you will remember it.

maybe this will be a book someday #1

“Oh, sex I’ve had many times. But make love? No, definitely not. You were my first.”

“How is that?” She wondered staring right back at me, her hazel eyes looking bigger than ever. “I mean, look at you. You’re gorgeous and girls love you. I’ve seen the way they look at you.” A small laugh escaped from her lips as she slowly furrowed her eyebrows, waiting for my answer.

“Well, I’ve never met anyone like you before. And before, sex had never felt like fireworks and butterflies all at once. I had never felt like I might explode just by touching someone else.”

maybe i didn’t even like you at all

and i guess

that’s how i knew

i didn’t love you;

when i realized

that staring at your eyes

felt like as if i was

staring at a plain,

empty brick wall.

the ones you see everyday on the street,

those that don’t really have anything special

and you barely remember.

while on the other hand,

the very thought of his

could have made

collapse into the ground

and convince me

to set the whole world

on fire.

the boy who thought he was a man

i had always been told

there was nothing weaker

than a man’s ego—

but i didn’t know

how true that was

until the same lips

that told me they loved me

called me a slut because i refused

to correspond their exaggerated

and selfish ideal of love.

unluckily for him,

i was born a woman.

and the words

he thought would hurt me

only resonate in my head

to make me laugh.

and to be a friendly reminder

that i only need myself.

the end

this is how it ends;

you let mother nature

crawl underneath your skin

and drag you to

your final destination,

you stop caring about

what might be next

and only hope

that it all goes well.

this is how it ends;

you close your eyes

and hope that

somewhere along

the lines

you might find the way

back to the start.

this is how it ends;

you inhale one last time

and you stop listening to

the old brag of your heart.

she’s got fire in her veins

and this one

goes out to her;

to the girl

with the blurry sight

and the lungs filled with smoke;

to the one who keeps walking

through the endless fire

that means to exist

and to live;

to the one who’s still

trying to understand

what it means to be

made of stars

and to carry

a constellation in your heart.